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Sustainability Policy

sustainabilityKaeppeli's Bed & Breakfast is committed to living and working in a environmentally friendly sustainable way. Some things you will see others you may not notice.
In short -
Re-use, reduce and recycle
Our common sense approach is simply a way of saving resources, energy and the planet.
We are mindful of what products we buy, how they are packaged and where they come from.
Supporting local businesses and trades people is a priority.
Recycling bins are available to encourage the recycling of plastics, cardboard, paper, batteries, tins and bottles.
To minimise energy consumption – appliances are turned off when not in use.
Hot water is produced with two Solar water heating systems as well as instant gas water heating and a wetback on the fireplace in winter.
Energy efficient light bulbs are used where practical. Solar lighting on paths.
We use products from our garden and orchard as well as free range eggs and home grown meat.
We have our own spring and encourage guests to refill their water bottles rather than buying new plastic bottles. Run off water is used to water the orchard.
Our food waste is fed to the pigs and hens.
Our sheets are 100% cotton, washed on the premises and dried out doors whenever ( 95%) possible.
Microfibre cleaning cloths including Enjo products are used to minimize the use of cleaning chemicals.
Eco friendly cleaning products are used. Refillable containers are used wherever possible.
No heated towel rails fitted – towels are dried as required.
Printing documents is minimal.
Jill is a Trustee of Kauri 2000 Trust, a long term project to recreate significant stands of kauri on publicly-owned land on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Doing Our Bit For Kuaotunu And The Environment


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